Truth About Applying For Jobs Online

Job Hunting is really all about a numbers game, the more "eyes" you have on your resume, the more likely you will have success getting the calls for the interviews, and the more job offers you will get that will ultimately lead to the job. Most people just try to do it themselves or rely on those "Free" posting services that produce, well, usually nothing. That's right, NO results! You remember the old saying. "You get what you pay for." But when it comes to your Job, the thing that puts food on the table, a roof over your head and the clothes on your family's back it is not wise to take a cheap way out especially if it will not produce the desired outcome!

Is there really a fast and easy way to get your resume in front of millions of employers without slaving away all day long in front of a computer, day in and day out? And are there any good resume posting services out there? Of course there are! As with anything else, along with the bad, there are successful and reputable companies that do what they are supposed to, on time with results that will get you excited about this job search thing again! The service my clients use and have had really excellent results with is

. A really good resume posting service can give you an edge in the job market just because your eggs are spread out over many baskets, not just the few you happen to know about.


- A True One-Stop Time Saving Process, if your resume doesn't need updating it should feel like you have submitted your resume once.


Auto-Logon links to the various Career sites so anything you need to do will happen instantly.


because as if you didn't already have enough on your mind with a major job search, who needs to be dealing with what is floating around out there on the Internet. And with all the job scams and non-job related garbage trying to get to you, a little peace of mind goes a long way.


, this is a must!


without missing potential employer openings because the job was posted on a smaller more specialized site.


, this is key for a lot of reasons, if a particular site doesn't offer that feature, the resume posting service should have their own anonymity solution in place.

There you have it, with these key components, a resume posting service can be the answer to your prayers, just make sure you do your due diligence so that you are not relying on getting jobs in a way that will get you nowhere fast!

I have been getting this comment/question multiple times a day from my career coaching clients. I felt it was worth addressing asap. The comment/question is “I am applying online to every job I can everyday and I have had no responses. Are these postings on Monster and Career Builder for real?” Well, yes and no. It’s really hard to say for sure. I can only assume based on my many years in this industry. I can tell you how I worked as a Recruiter and Head Hunter and how most of my associates worked. I was the type of recruiter that filled 90% of jobs without using a job board. With that being said I bet you are wondering then why do companies waste my time and their time by putting a job posting up. Well, it’s because the posting is the plan B. The reason the job posting is plan B is because 80% YES 80% of jobs are filled by networking. Think about it for a few minutes. How many jobs have you had and how many do you feel you got buy knowing someone or knowing someone who knew someone for you?
The posting is for if the recruiter has exhausted all of the candidates on their “Hot Sheet”. I’ll explain the “Hot Sheet” in a second, don’t worry. If all of the candidates on the “Hot Sheet” have been exhausted now there is a pool of applicants to work with from the job posting that are interested in the opportunity you have to offer and want to talk to you about it. It works out for the recruiter / HR Manager because you don’t have to start from scratch when you need to give a hiring manager more resumes. The “Hot Sheet” is a list of pre qualified candidates the recruiter updates daily. It’s updated daily because the candidates are “Hot” and get jobs quickly. If a recruiter places “Hot” candidates all day then they make a lot more money a lot faster. How do you get on someone’s “Hot Sheet”? I’ll have to explain that in a separate article. You can also look for an article on how to be in the 80% and if you are still going to apply online how to do it as effectively as possible.
Think about your odds here. If 80% of jobs are filled by networking that means only about 20% of the time are they looking at resumes from job postings. Your odds of getting a job from an online job posting are almost the same as checking the help wanted ads in your local newspaper. If you are currently unemployed the cost of being unemployed increases daily.
Time is not your friend when you are unemployed. Don’t waste too much of it applying online. My advice is do not spend more than 1 hour a day applying to jobs online. It is a huge waste of time. If you do continue to apply online tailor your resume to highlight your qualifications for the position you are applying for. Make it easy for the person reviewing the resumes. A lot of time the resumes go to the HR dept and they don’t always have the insight the hiring manager does and your resume has to make it through an HR manager that is “matching” key words and skills from the job description to your resume before the hiring manager ever sees it.
Please don’t misunderstand you can get a job being online but applying online to postings decreases your chances tremendously. I’ll explain that in another article too. I want to help equip as many people as I can with the tools they need in order to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Job Interviews: Answering “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”

Your job search is one of the most significant tasks you'll ever have. What job you end up with determines how you'll spend the majority of hours in your day, how much money you'll have, and how satisfied you are with your life. It's worth making the effort to end up where you'll be happy. Whether you're currently employed or not, here's how to put everything you've got into your job search-and it will bring you great results, whether you're in laboratory sales, medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, or any other health care sales arena:

You need to be able to summarize what you are bringing to the table. Make it short and sweet, but compelling enough to capture the attention of your listener/reader. Not only can you use it at networking events or casual meetings, you can use it in place of a traditional objective statement, and you can use it in your LinkedIn profile.

You must tailor your resume for what's relevant to the jobs you're applying for. You shouldn't have to rewrite the whole thing...just tweak it according to the job description. Organize it so that it's clear and easy-to-read-bullet points and white space are fantastic things. Keep it down to 1-2 pages, and fill it with keywords that will get it noticed by computerized tracking systems as well as sales numbers and other performance statistics that show you've been able to make (or save) money for the company.

You MUST utilize social media in your job search. There's just no other way around it. Facebook and Twitter are also useful, but LinkedIn is the most important place to be for business networking. A great profile includes your job history, a business professional picture, and a summary of who you are and what you do.

Don't just create the profile. Participate. One of the things that makes LinkedIn so powerful is the connections you can make and the recommendations you can acquire. You make connections by joining groups (like Sales Cafe), participating in discussions, and getting introductions to people you need to know. Your recommendations say that other people think you're great, too, and give another perspective on your talents. But remember to give good recommendations to others as well. LinkedIn is also an amazing resource for information on companies, hiring managers, and industry trends-and you can contact hiring managers directly for jobs.

Your online reputation is the sum total of what an employer will find out about you when they Google your name. It's the comments you make on LinkedIn, Facebook, and blog articles. It's your Tweets. If you're really serious, seek out opportunities to guest post on blogs or write articles for online newsletters. Make sure that every time you say something online, that it's professional and relevant.

Get out there and meet people. Attend networking events and tradeshows. Keep up with your contacts with the occasional email (it's more personalized than a Tweet) and give them something: a bit of information, a job lead, a great website, or an article you found. You can absolutely let them know what's going on with you, and ask them to keep an eye out for job leads you'd be interested in. Most people are happy to help.

I don't think it's possible to over-prepare for a job interview. Research the company. Know what their issues and challenges are in the marketplace. Make an effort to dress properly and project friendliness and enthusiasm with your body language. Have stories ready that demonstrate how you've handled difficult situations or met a challenge. Practice your answers to interview questions, and seriously consider role-playing interview questions with a coach. If pro athletes use coaches to gain a few extra seconds that make the difference between first and second place, you should, too.

There's no better way to show how you'll be able to hit the ground running and contribute to the company than by creating a

. A well-written plan is divided into 3 parts: the first 30 days, you'll focus on training and settling in (the more specific you can be, the better); the 60-day part expands your duties (say, by getting to know all your accounts and orienting yourself); and the last 30 days (the 90-day part) is your plan for bringing in new business (which you'll know because you've researched and analyzed the company's position in the marketplace). This plan is impressive because it shows the hiring manager your drive, commitment, enthusiasm, and knowledge of what it takes to be successful.

Here's another sure-fire method to impress your interviewer. Be interested in the job. Asking questions in the interview shows that you can think strategically and it also gets you quite a bit of information you can use while answering questions and in your follow-up. It turns the interview into a conversation and highlights your confidence and appeal.

A great follow up plan can cover everything from providing great references to writing a substantial, timely thank you note. The best references are past managers or other high-level people, but they should all be willing to speak to the interviewer. Make sure you prep them for the call by giving them the information they need to speak intelligently about you. Thank you notes should be sent as quickly as possible (within 24 hours, so send it by email) and should refer back to what you discussed in the interview if you have something great to say, or it should add something new to the discussion. It's also a great opportunity to revise your 30/60/90-day plan based on what you talked about, and you can attach it to your thank you note.

Many interview guides advise candidates to answer the common “What’s your greatest weakness?” question with a positive trait disguised as a weakness. For example, “I tend to expect others to work as hard as I do,” or “I’m a perfectionist.”
Why? Because interviewers have heard these canned answers over and over again.
If you use one of them, it will likely backfire on you. Because the hiring manager will think:
You’re not being honest about your true weaknesses and are just regurgitating someone’s advice;
You feel that expecting others to work hard and striving for perfection (or whatever other disguised positive traits you use) are “weaknesses,” which makes you look ignorant, naïve and/or lazy;
You don’t know how to do an honest self-assessment;
Or you’re delusional and think you don’t have any real weaknesses!

How to Ease Your Job Search Process With Resumes and Cover Letters

Private Security Services offers lots of employment opportunities for people. There are several available options for people looking for a career in Army and Police services. They can get some real life experience of security services before joining Army or Police. These are also a lucrative offer of retired veterans, who can get a chance of earning their livelihood after retirement.

Qualifications Needed for a Job in Private Security Sector

There are following essential qualifications for Jobs in Private Security Service:

1. Applicants must not be convicted of a felony.

2. Applicants must not be convicted of a misdemeanor crime of moral turpitude.

3. Applicants must have a valid driver's license.

4. Applicants must be able to speak, read and write the English language.

5. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

6. Applicants must have adequate hearing to perform security related jobs.

7. Applicants must have transportation.

8. Applicants must be drug free.

9. Applicants must have a valid phone number.

10. Applicants for security jobs must be willing to work nights and weekends.

11. Applicants must have a work permit.

12. Applicants must be able to physically stand, walk or patrol the majority of their shift.

Benefits for Employees

Private Security Agencies offers excellent benefits for the security officers and guards. Our officers receive partial paid doctor visits, paid vacation, overtime, holiday bonus pay, flexible hours, referral bonuses, lead incentives, performance bonuses and full paid on-site training. They also provide life insurance and health insurance packages for employees.


A majority of security firms false advertise their starting wages. They promise high wages in their help wanted ads and then offer low beginning wages to applicants once they complete the interview process. But certified security agencies believe in being fair and honest. Their pay is based on the percentage that our clients pay. All security firms determine security guard wages this way. While some clients pay high rates to obtain the best officers and reduce turnover, other clients pay average billing rates.

Private Security Agency jobs are becoming more and more popular among youngsters, because of attractive wages, adventurous job profile, and chances to learn lots of things. The demand for people in this industry will increase day by day.

The purpose of the resume and cover letter is to make the job search process quicker and easier. In order to make your job search much easier and increase your chances of securing your dream job, you have to think of the resume as a marketing tool and you are the product that is being sold.
The following are a number of tips to help ease your job search process using resumes and cover letters:
1. Statistics have shown that the likelihood of acquiring employment through a job ad is 1 out of 20, and the chances of acquiring employment through networking are 1 out of 4. These statistics will help you narrow your job search by submitting your resume and cover letter to the most appropriate potential employers. Check with people you know such as family, colleagues (current and former), professors, managers…etc for leads on job openings. As well, review your qualifications and experiences, education, and skills, to see what types of jobs you are suitable for. Identify the most important employers in your area and contact their human resource departments to find out how and where to apply for job openings. As well, contact local government departments and agencies to find out where they list their job openings. Once you have narrowed your search, you can then work on your resume and cover letter.
2. Cover letters are an essential element of getting a job interview and they make your resume stand out from your competition. Always send out a cover letter with your resume, as it will be the difference between getting a job interview, or throwing your resume in the waste can. A cover letter should not be a duplicate of your resume, but a complement to it. The purpose is to add a personal touch to your resume and give the employer a sense of who you are and what position you are seeking. It is the first written contact with the employer so you must make a good impression and catch the employer’s eye. It should state the position that you are applying for, the reasons why you want the job, and highlight the most important skills that would make you a valuable asset to the company. It shows that you understand the position, and have the knowledge and experience in that type of work. The cover letter should summarize why you are the ideal candidate for the position. It should be one page with a minimum of three paragraphs.
3. Your resume must be professional and easy to read. It should also be interesting with no long sentences. Important skills, achievements, and experiences that are relevant to the job must be noted. It must not be overly detailed as you will give more explanations during the interview. You should write effective and eye catching statements. As well, your descriptions should be clear and interesting. For resumes that are scanned by companies and entered into a database, make sure your resume has relevant keywords which will bring up the resume in a search.
Because of increased competition and minimal job openings, acquiring a job is now a step-by-step process. You can ease the job search process by knowing what jobs you are suited for and creating a resume and cover letter that targets these jobs.

Finding the Best Online Job Search Site

Employment law in China is governed by a relatively comprehensive set of laws, more recently supplemented in late 2007 to strengthen workers' rights.

Major laws include:

- Labour Law of the People's Republic of China (1994) ("Labour Law")

- Labour Contract Law of the People's Republic of China (2007) ("Labour Contract Law")

- Labour Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law of the People's Republic of China (2007) ("Labour Arbitration Law") (effective May 1, 2008)

- Trade Union Law of the People's Republic of China (1994)

These laws and then supplemented by a myriad of national and local laws, regulations, measures and circulars.

The Regulations on Labour Management in Foreign Investment Enterprises (1994) governs employment by Sino-foreign equity and cooperative joint ventures, along with Sino-foreign joint stock companies. The Regulations very much mirror that of the Labour Law. Additionally, as any inconsistency with the Labour Law will be resolved according to the higher-level law, little reference is made to these Regulations.

Employment in China, like most other jurisdictions, is divided into full-time and part-time. According to the Labour Contract Law, part-time employment is defined as a labour relationship in which the employee works, on average, no more than 4 hours per day and no more than the aggregate of 24 hours per week.

Employment relationships which exceed the hours in this definition are termed full-time employment, which is further divided into 3 types:

1) fixed term: expiry date agreed upon at outset;

2) open-ended / non-fixed term: no expiry date stipulated; or

3) project-based / completion of defined task: contract to expire on completion of pre-defined project or task.

According to the Labour Law and the Labour Contract Law, other than part-time employment, all labour contracts must be in writing and contain the following terms:

- name, address and legal representative of the employer;

- name, address and identification number of the employee;

- term of labour contract;

- job description and work site;

- working hours, rest and vacation;

- labour remuneration;

- social insurance;

- labour conditions, working conditions and occupational hazard prevention; and

- other matters stipulated by laws and regulations.

If the labour contract contains a probationary period only (sometimes called "a probationary period contract"), then the probation term set out therein is deemed to be the term of the labour contract and the probationary period is invalidated.

A labour relationship commences on the date on which the employee commences work for the employer, and by law, it is required that a written labour contract be concluded within one month of this time.

If a labour contract is not concluded within the one month of commencement, the employer will be liable to the employee for double labour remuneration, of up to 1 year. After 1 year with no written labour contract, fixed-term labour contracts are deemed to be open-ended.

Maximum probation periods allowed by law are as follows:

- less than 3 months: no probation period;

- 3 months to 1 year: 1 month;

- 1 year to 3 years: 2 months; and

- 3 years or more or open-ended: 6 months.

Technically, as your China company cannot yet contract, it cannot hire employees until it meets all the formal registration requirements. However, as business requirements dictate that you will need staff immediately or soon after you get started in China, many foreign companies contract with a labour services provider such as CIIC or FESCO to hire the employees and then second them to their start-up operations. They then, either transfer their employment contracts when established or continue to maintain the labour services relationship.

According to the Provisional Regulations for the Payment of Wages (1994), wages or salary are composed of:

- wages based on time;

- wages based on piece-work;

- bonuses;

- subsidies;

- allowances;

- overtime payments; and

- wages paid under special circumstances.

According to the Minimum Wages Provisions (2004) and based on the minimum wage standards promulgated locally, employers may not pay their employees less than the current minimum wage standard.

The standard working hours in China are 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, for a maximum working period of 40 hours, with 2 rest days (typically Saturday and Sunday). Any additional requirements by the employer must be compensated according to the standard set out below:

- Working days: 150% standard wages;

- Rest days: 200% standard wages; and

- Holidays: 300% standard wages.

National public holidays (as of 2008) are set out below:

- New Year's Day (January 1): 1 day;

- Spring Festival (lunar new year, typically January or February): 3 days;

- Women's Day (March 8): half day for women;

- Qingming Festival (April 5): 1 day;

- May Day (May 1): 1 day;

- Dragon Boat Festival (5th day of 5th lunar month): 1 day;

- Mid-autumn Festival (15th day of the 8th lunar month): 1 day; and

- National Day (October 1 - 3): 3 days.

Employers are obligated to provide the following benefits and social security payments to employees:

- Basic old age insurance;

- Unemployment insurance;

- Medical insurance;

- Maternity insurance; and

- Work-related injury insurance;

The employee and employer jointly contribute to the first 3 types of insurances, while the employer alone contributes to the latter 2, with rates varying based on location of employment.

Not all employees can nor should be bound by non-competition obligations. The Labour Contract Law limits employees who may be bound by non-compete obligations to:

- senior management;

- senior technical personnel; and

- those employees who have access to business secrets of the employer.

It is required that the employee and employer conclude a written agreement, either separately or in the labour contract, with regards to term, scope, territory, compensation during the non-compete period and liquidated damages for employee breach.

The maximum term for the non-compete is 2 years.

Although it is required that compensation be paid on a monthly basis to the employee during the non-compete period, the law does not state a standard amount. In practice, it is common to pay at least 50% of the employee's wages.


An employer may terminate an employee without requirement for notice in the following situations:

- during the probation period, if the employee is determined to be unfit for the position;

- employee materially breaches employer's rules and regulations;

- employee engages in serious dereliction of duty, graft or corruption causing substantial damages to the employer's interests;

- employee has established an employment relationship with another employer and that relationship affects the completion of his tasks and he refuses to appropriately remedy the situation after employer notification;

- employee used fraud in concluding the labour contract; or

- employee is subject to criminal investigation.

An employer must give 30 days' prior written notice or payment in lieu thereof, if it terminates the labour contract under the following situations:

- the employee is unable to perform his original duties or re-assigned duties, after returning from medical leave or non-work-related injury;

- the employee is incompetent and remains incompetent after training or adjustment of position; or

- the occurrence of a major change of objective circumstances which were relied upon when signing the labour contract, and the employee and employer are unable to agreed on modified terms of the labour contract.

An employee may unilaterally terminate the employment contract without requirement for notice in the following instances:

- employer fails to provide labour protections and working conditions in accordance with the labour contract;

- employer fails to pay remuneration in full and on time;

- employer fails to pay social security payments in accordance with the law;

- employer's rules and regulations violate laws and regulations, harming the employee's rights and interests;

- employer uses fraud, coercion or the employee's unfavorable position to conclude the contract; or

- other situations set out in laws and regulations.

Severance compensation is due in a number of situations, which are summarized below:

- termination by employee under situations which result in his right to terminate the contract immediately (Item 3, discussed previously);

- termination by employer under situations which require 30 days' prior written notice (Item 2, discussed previously);

- the employee is terminated due to restructuring or difficulties in business operations;

- the labour contract is terminated after being proposed by employer and there is mutual agreement on termination;

- a fixed-term labour contract expires (except where employee refuses to renew the contract on terms equal to or better than previously concluded);

- termination of labour contract due to revocation of employer's business license; and

- termination of labour contract due to bankruptcy.

Employers must pay severance in the amount of one month's salary for each year of service, with half a month's salary for each partial year.

If the employee earns more than 3 times the average monthly wage of the locality, then the compensation will be capped at 3 times the average monthly wage, up to a maximum of 12 months.

Under the following circumstances, labour contracts may be terminated due to business difficulties:

- restructuring due to the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law;

- serious difficulties in production or operations;

- a staff reduction is necessary due to changes in production, technical innovation or adjustment of management operation style; or

- other major changes in economic circumstances relied upon at the time of conclusion of the labour contract, rendering them non-performable.

For large-scale layoffs (20 or more employees, or in smaller organizations where employee layoffs are less than 20 employees but this accounts for 10% or more of the total employees), the employer must first explain the circumstances to the trade union or all employees (where there is no trade union) 30 days in advance, and may reduce the workforce only after consideration of the opinions of the trade union or employees and reporting the restructuring plan to the labour administration.

Like most jurisdictions, mediation is the preferred method of dispute resolution, however, this is a voluntary process. The Labour Arbitration Law provides that mediated settlement agreements for salaries, medical fees for job-related injuries, severance and penalties may be entered into court for enforcement.

Labour dispute claims, according to the Labour Law and the Labour Arbitration Law, must first be submitted to the local labour arbitration committee located in the jurisdiction of the employer. The labour arbitration committee must then render its award within 45 days after the dispute has been accepted.

Arbitration decisions are final for employers in the following instances: salaries, medical fees for job-related injuries, severance, and penalties, where the disputed amount does not exceed an amount equal to 12 months' local minimum wage.

Employees and employers (with the exception of those instances set out previously) may within 15 days of the arbitration award submit the dispute to the people's court for hearing.

The limitation period is 1 year after the employee knew or should have known that their rights have been infringed, however, if the dispute occurs under an existing labour contract, the limitation period does not start until the labour contract has expired or has been terminated.

Finding the best online jobs search site can be a daunting task for a lot of internet users whether you are an old pro and very savvy or just a rookie and still learning the ropes. The process is not as hard as one would think and there are a few things to keep in mind when searching.
First thing you need to do is weed out what you are not looking for. If you are not qualified and are not looking for a six figure position, then ignore those that tell you that you will be making huge money no matter what the economy. Most online job search sites will tell you the types of jobs they offer so you can easily eliminate the ones that are not for you.
Then take a look at the online job search sites that offer the types of opportunities that are a better fit for you and the kind of employment that suits you better. Many are set up to offer jobs with major retailers, jobs in health care, restaurant jobs like jobs at Chick-fil-A as well as positions in the service industry like jobs at Marriott.
Just because you are not looking to make your next million at our new employer doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good job online via an online job search. There are many blue collar jobs to be had via the internet and you would be surprised that some of the companies that hire employees strictly from an online job search. It’s not just the big boys, there are many smaller companies that to those that are job seeking online.
It’s easier for them to get a series of resumes via email, sort through them, see who would be a good fit and then make phone calls or return emails to set up interviews. It takes less time, requires less energy and frees up the human resource folks to do some of the other things they need to do in order to keep their company running smoothly.
So when you are hunting for that perfect job do your best to find the perfect online job search site for your career.

Managing an Employment Interview Using Critical Incidents

So exactly what do you have to do to get  the best paying welding jobs?

Some things never change. If you want to make top dollar as a welder, you need to weld pipe and you need to be able to pass any pipe welding certification test under the sun. Tig root with a stick fill, 6010 root with 7018 fill, Tig all the way, it shouldn't matter what the welding test is, you need to be able to pass it.

Pipe welding jobs typically pay more than other structural welding jobs. You know Why?

Because Pipe and tubing welding tests are just plain harder to pass than structural welding certification tests.

That in itself makes it harder for the employer to find qualified welders. The laws of Supply and demand take over and the pay goes up in order to attract the best welders.

But be aware, almost across the board , union jobs pay better than non union jobs. This is not a pro union statement. Its just a fact, and lets face it, money is the reason we weld.

The best paying welding jobs according to my internet research are:

Welding for a living can be physically demanding even for a young man. I strongly encourage anyone who gets one of these jobs to seize the opportunity to learn all you can about the trade to make yourself more valuable and so that you can take things to the next level when  the time is right. 

Every job is ninety-nine percent routine. However, the one percent represents what are known as Critical Incidents. These are events which occur during the normal course of all jobs. If we know what they are, they can give us an important insight to the skills and knowledge required to handle these challenges.
It makes sense to record and analyse what the Critical Incident was, what caused it and how it was handled. Then, we need to know the outcome and the consequences.
Obviously, once we have recorded and analysed the Critical Incident and the outcome we can assess whether or not it was handled successfully or unsuccessfully. If we are going to appoint people who may have to handle similar Critical Incidents in the future, we can formulate questions around the situation and use them to manage the interview process.
If we structure our questions correctly we can gain some insight into the probable behaviour of the candidate in a similar situation. With some thought we can design our questions so that we can predict with some certainty how the person will behave in the future.  From a management perspective, this is very important information.
Let’s define a Critical Incident. A Critical Incident is something which has happened during the normal work process. It is an incident which demands that the jobholder must make some response which is different. It is important that it is the type of event that is relevant and observable.
A number of surprises can often occur when collecting critical incidents. Surprises in terms of the level of performance required, surprises in the level of decision-making needed by the jobholder and the effect of the Critical Incident on the job and the business.
It is suggested that a series of typical Critical Incidents are collected with the view to creating interview questions because this, more than anything, will bring relevance to the interview process. 
These Critical Incidents are snap-shots in the general flow of events. They are defining points of the extremes of the job. They are small case studies from which we can see the elements of the incident and its performance, how the situation was handled and relationships to other events, conditions and the job as a whole.
A collection of Critical Incidents and their frequency, can often give some indication of the pressure in that particular position. This means that during the interview process and the reference checking, the ability of candidates to cope with the requirements of the job can be assessed.

Employment Law: Attendance Rewards – Legal Ramifications

You can easily get a free auto repair manual for whichever repair need you might have. You need an internet access and have to follow a certain procedure searching for auto repair manuals, but when you have done this procedure a few times it will be very easy to find the right instructions for do it yourself auto repair and it won't cost you a dime.

There are four types of automotive description documents that you will need to choose from when you want to do a repair;

In addition to some general manuals, most of these are related to the make. Here you can get step by step guidance on how to repair most of the makes in the vehicle market. Let's say you have a Honda Acura 2002 model and you want to find a manual for that make and model. What you do is perform the following search in a search engine: "free car manuals+Honda Acura+2002". Then you will have a long list of sites that provide you with all kinds of descriptions for your Honda Acure 2002 model, and you can choose what you want.

Automotive diagnosis manuals can also be sub-divided by make and model. But it can also be divided by the area of the vehicle that is affected, for example engine intake problems, brake problems, cooling problems, exhaust problems, start or stall problems, transmission problems etc. Let's say you have a start problem. Your search would be "car diagnosis manual+ start problem", then you should get more than enough repair information to choose from. You can even get diagnostic trees where all options are covered for nothing.

You have probably more than one time heard some annoying noise from somewhere in your vehicle, without finding the source of it. This is one of the most kinky situations to run into because you don't know if it is a serious signal or just a small thing. Some websites gives you the opportunity to diagnose vehicle problems by the noise, sound and vibrating signals - and that is great. The sooner you find it the sooner you can fix it and then you can relax. When you search, you can describe the sound, for example "whine noise" or "shifter knocks" or "driveline vibration" plus car diagnosis manual plus eventually the make.

In addition to regular manuals you can also get very instructive and detailed descriptions in other internet document or websites like articles, etc. The natural way to sub-divide such repairs before searching, is by the area of the vehicle that is going to be repaired, for instance body repair, exhaust repair, suspension fix, interior repair and even general car repair.

You do the search the same way as above; "car repair manual (or description) + the area of repair and go through the list of resources you get.

Though vehicle maintenance is closely related to your vehicle make and model, there are some maintenance issues that are pretty much common whether you have a Cadillac, VW or a Mercedes, for example changing oil, changing air filters, engine wash, fluid maintenance, tier maintenance etc. You can get access to maintenance descriptions by searching for the kind of maintenance plus "car maintenance manual (or description)" plus eventually your make and model.

I think you'll be amazed of the amount of automotive repair free stuff online.

If you were thinking of offering your employees special rewards as incentives for having good attendance records, then you must read on. In fact, employers that offer attendance bonuses may find themselves falling foul of the law.
The Royal Mail introduced a rewards scheme for staff that did not to take time off sick. Under the Royal Mail’s scheme, workers with full attendance records were entered into a prize draw to win Ford Focus cars or holiday vouchers worth £2,000. As a staff incentive, it seemed to work. The Royal Mail says its overall sickness absence levels fell during a nine-month period (between August and April) by 11%.
However, such schemes could have serious ramifications from a legal viewpoint, and leave employers vulnerable to a variety of legal claims.
Employees could bring discrimination claims on the grounds of disability or sex. The success of these claims would depend on each employee’s particular circumstances and needs, whether in relation to their family, religion or health.
Alternatively, qualifying employees could bring claims for being subjected to detriment treatment as a result of asserting their statutory rights, for example, for:-
Time off for dependants and antenatal care;
Time off for study or training or time off for jury service
Maternity leave;
Adoption leave; or
Paternity or parental leave;
Disability discrimination may occur if, for example, an employee had time off connected to a disability and this was not taken into account by the employer under the reward scheme. The employee might claim that the failure of the employer to set aside his/her absence for disability related reasons amounted to less favourable treatment.
How can employers protect themselves from such claims?
Employers can avoid these pitfalls by including a list of exceptions in the reward scheme, for example, jury service or study leave, taking into account any statutory rights to time off; or
Pay bonuses to employees connected to performance in their job rather than implementing an attendance reward.
Employers should be wary of adopting an attendance bonus scheme without legal consultation.
If you require further information contact us.
© RT COOPERS, 2005. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it constitute legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in relation to particular circumstances.

Powerful Tips in Taking Employment Exams

Technology and communication has increased by leaps and bounds today. Due to this, the world is becoming smaller and has many opportunities as compared only a decade ago. With the increase in business organizations and institutions, there has been a drastic increase in employment and employment opportunities. Unfortunately, this has also given rise to some unscrupulous elements trying to get into the corporate and professional world.

Today, the employment background check forms an integral part of the process of employment, and it does not matter on the strength of the company or even on the profile that has been applied for by the prospective employee. Here are some reasons that the employment background check is important in today's world.

Criminal Aspects

The world is going through an unfortunate time, when even the most innocent seeming person turns out to be a criminal of dangerous proportions. If such criminals get an entry into the company, it is dangerous for the company as well as the company's employees.

If ever such a criminal is caught in a crime and it is revealed that he or she was employed by your company, it could have damning repercussions on your company's goodwill. Also, employees tend to quickly become friends with each other. It is a possibility that the criminal actually becomes fast friends with other employees and the employees may become accessories to a crime without their knowledge.

It is simply impossible for someone to understand the ramifications if this ever happens. Therefore, the employment background checks are important for the company.

False Information

Any survey taken out on employees will tell you that a major chunk of resumes have loads of fake information. Unfortunately, such fake information can also be plied for questions on which the hiring process depends, like work experience, ability to do work, and basically which work they can do.

The best example of this would be a programmer's profile. If a programmer tells you during the interview that he or she knows ASP and PHP, but it turns out that they do not know PHP, it might be a great problem for you later on in the day. Also, it depends as to when you find out about the false information. If you find out about the false information on the eve of an important project that depends on the programming language, you are in for a very hard and difficult time.

Peer Group

All employees talk to each other and they become fast friends. In such a case, if one of the employees has provided false information during the selection process, there is a likelihood that they go ahead and inform their colleagues of the same.

This will give the employees an indication that they can get in other friends of theirs who are ready to provide false information to the employers. Therefore, to ensure that your company does not fall into the 'one bad apple theory', you have to take the backgrounds of your employees very seriously.

Before any job hunter comes face-to-face with excellent career opportunities and competitive compensation, he or she needs to satisfy first the requirements of the hiring companies. These include, as we all know, passing a successful interview and acing employment examinations.
Most of the time, if not always,  you need to complete company employment exams before you could have an opportunity to meet the hiring manager in an interview. It is like when you are visiting a big house. You need to pass on the gate first before you could enter it.
Here are some tips to ace those employment exams for you to grab that ultimate ticket to an interview. Try to ponder on these and for sure passing those exams would be as easy as ABC.
Not following the directions might completely wipe out your dream to pass any given exam. Even if you know all the answers, if you mistakenly did it wrong you will definitely fail. Most employment exams today are being checked using electronic checkers or programmed computers. These technologies were not programmed to understand your mistakes. They just check the exams based on standards installed on them. Be sure you know what you are supposed to do. If it is not clear, ask the proctor.
2.    Maximize your time.
See how long your exam is. Pace your time wisely so you have time for all aspects. Do not waste your time on questions you do not know the answer. Remember that all questions have equal value. Move on to items you know. Come back to those you have not answered if you still have time. You may try to answer the essay questions first as these always have the largest percentage.
3.    Answer only what is being asked in essays.
If the question asks you to give example, give some. Watch for key words in essay questions, such as compare, discuss, contract, and describe. These words spot to what the instructor will look for in your answer.
Outline your essay before you write. This will keep you on the topic and you will be more likely to include all the points that you have in mind. Write your essay neatly-it may affect your grade. Define the terms you use. Use examples-this helps show that you know what you are writing about. If you run out of time, direct the reader to your outline-you may still get points for what you did not write.
4.    Be smart in answering multiple choice
When you are taking a multiple-choice test, the first thing you need to do is to read the question carefully. Make sure you understand what kind of information you are looking for. If you know the answer right away, you should mark the correct answer and move on to the next question.
If you do not know the answer, you might be able to figure it out. The first thing to do is to cross out answers you know are wrong. If you end up with two answers left and you are not sure which is correct, you should probably take a guess. You are just as likely to guess the right answer as the wrong one.
5.    Prepare both emotionally and physically
Be positive, do not assume that you will fail. Remember the law of attraction. If you attract good things, good things come your way. Believe in your ability.
Get a good and sound sleep the night before the exam. Proper rest will energize you. Eat nutritious food so you have the energy and nutrients to fuel your brain and body.
6.    Do not hesitate to ask questions.
If there were something unclear and confusing to you, ask the proctor. This will shed light to any unclear instructions.
7.    Wear comfortable clothes
It not the time to show your fashion sense during exams. If you feel uncomfortable with your clothes, you might lose your concentration.
8.    Relax
A mind at peace will result to beautiful outcomes. If you feel nervous, try to take a break for a second. Take a deep breath and do not forget to let it out. Change your position. Stretch your arms, hands and neck.  Make sure that you do this quietly.  Then go back to taking the test.

Employment in the Auto Industry – Detailing Jobs

Unfortunately, the recent economic crisis has affected countries all over the world, including Australia. Australia has faced large cutbacks in the past months, leaving many people jobless. Almost two thousand jobs were lost between April and May, and there have been more than 8,000 job cuts already since this year began. Some of the recent cutbacks have included the clothing manufacturer Pacific Brands firing 1,850, and Hans Continental Smallgoods meat processing plant cutting 400 jobs. When BHP closed one mine and reduced production at another, 1750 workers lost their jobs. The BHP mining company also announced that there would be more cutbacks to come. All parts of the economy have been affected, and there have been major cuts in the banking, aviation, and mining sectors.

Although Australia has a relatively stable economy compared to many other countries, job seekers will find it much harder to find a job than it would have been just a year or two ago. Unemployment rates have steadily increased in Australia, just when they had started to come down. Australia struggled with unemployment higher than 7% from the 1970's to the early 21st century. The country had gotten its unemployment rate below 6% by 2003. By 2006, Australia's unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%, the lowest it had been in more than 30 years. The rates went down even lower, but they did not stay that way. Between May 2008 and May 2009, the unemployment rate increased from 4.2% to 5.7%.

With Australia's recent economic problems, people have started looking for the easiest way to get a new job. It seems that the traditional way of using a job recruitment agency is outdated and inefficient according to actual job hunters who have compared it to using other internet services. The most common way for people to get jobs today is to use online classified job postings. There are a number of popular sites that people can subscribe to and then wait for the job postings that match their description to be emailed to them. This saves the time of searching through dozens of posting for ads to find the ones that suit particular skills. It is a long way from the outdated technique of searching through the classified section of newspapers.

Job hunters have also begun to use other tools, including social bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to find contacts and search for job openings. There are also a number of websites for freelancers. If you are waiting to find a job, then you might want to consider doing some freelance work until you can find a company that you can work for long-term. One advantage of freelancing is that you can widen your search and choose from jobs all over the world. You might even want to continue freelancing after you land a new job as an additional source of income. Because it is easier and cheaper to use online sites, many job seekers are going that route.

Searching for a job in this kind of market is far from an ideal situation. Skilled job vacancies are decreasing, and many businesses are hesitant about expanding. Despite these problems, you should not give up. It will be harder to find a job, so you will have to be more inventive. You should build a list of people to network with, including friends, family, acquaintances, and former co-workers in this networking file. Many people are taking advantage of online job search sites and other internet sites. Explore all options on the internet. There are a variety of resources at your fingertips if you know how to find them.

Another recent trend in Australia has been a change from full-time to part-time jobs. Since November of 2008, approximately 35,300 full-time jobs have been lost and replaced with 38,400 part-time jobs. Although there are technically more jobs, the equivalent of more than 16,000 full-time jobs have been lost. Obviously, this means that many households are finding themselves required to watch their spending in order to make ends meet. Freelancing can supplement your income if you find yourself reduced to part-time employment. If you are searching for work, you might have to settle for a part-time job until you can find better employment.

Your chance of finding employment also depends on what field you are looking to work in. There are still many jobs available for teachers and medical professionals because regardless of the economy there will be a demand in these sectors. The Australian government is also putting money into infrastructure in order to create more jobs, so there will be a demand for people working on roads and railroads. Both the marketing and advertising sectors have also been doing relatively well.

If you are choosing what field of study you want to embark on have decided to return to school for training, taking burgeoning sectors into account is a good idea. The job market is in worse condition than it has been in a while, so if you want a good job, look at careers that have potential and plenty of job openings. Producing environmentally friendly energy has become more important to individuals and governments alike. You may want to consider the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) field or uranium mining. The accounting and legal professions are also fields that promise plenty of jobs. If none of these fields interest you, then you should consider working for a small business or open your own.

You may want to consider taking a course or getting training in a different field if you cannot get a job with your skills. This is a major investment, so do not switch careers unless you have exhausted all options in your own sector, or you have decided that you want a different career move. Whether or not you are in one of these fields or considering one of these careers, you want to know what the future looks like for your country.

Many people are wondering what the prospects for the future are. The economic problems facing Australia, and most of the world, did not occur overnight, so they will not be fixed overnight either. Many experts believe that the job crisis will get worse before it improves. They expect unemployment to rise to at least 7%. This is because despite thousands of lost jobs, businesses are still in the early stages of cutbacks.

In order to stay in business and weather the current economic problems, companies are cutting costs wherever they can, and that includes jobs. Cutting jobs is one of the easiest ways for corporations to cut business spending, which is necessary for businesses to survive economic hardship. Unfortunately, very few businesses will try to expand in a precarious economy, which means that there will be fewer jobs replacing the ones lost. Australia is not the only country to suffer massive cutbacks; in fact, many other countries have been hit much harder. The global economy as a whole is reaching its lowest point since the Great Depression in the 1930's.

Online job search websites can help in a number of ways. First of all they are usually cheaper than a job agency. They are also working for you 24 hours a day. You can wake up every morning to find a selection of ads in your mailbox to check out. This will save you time and allow you to start following up on these leads immediately. An online job search site will also let you find jobs from a wider range of locations. You can search for employment throughout all of Australia, and with many internet jobs available, you might even be able to work from home. The newest technology is being used to find jobs in the changing market. Do not miss out and get left behind.

The next couple of years will be rough, but there is no reason to lose hope yet. The government and financial experts expect unemployment to rise, but they are taking action. Australia's government has dedicated itself to creating jobs for its citizens, including infrastructure jobs. The government has already spent $42 billion (28 billion USD) to bolster the economy and will continue to take steps to protect its citizens. Australia managed to drop its unemployment rates from about 6% to 4.2% in only five years. Australians will have to weather the storm, but with hard work and smart choices, Australia's economy will get back on track and the country will once again be blessed with a thriving job market.

Despite the hardships some dealerships and auto industry titans may be experiencing, employment in the automobile industry as detailers and car washers are still hopping.
Often viewed as a necessary evil by many dealerships, the wash and detail are has become a source of profit and improved CSI (Customer Service Index) by many. This has opened up new opportunities for employment for those with the skills, determination and disciplined to become good and fast.
Auto detailing and car wash jobs have traditionally been lower paying and minimal in career opportunities. The largest perceived demand for these positions have either been with the solo-practitioner or entrepreneur or as part of team at the local car wash. This left many with little forward or upperward career movement and dead-end jobs.
With the increasing popularity of dealerships outsourcing their detailing departments, employment, job diversity and career opportunities have broadened and grown. More specifically, there are companies that specialize in “taking over” the prep, make ready, detailing and wash services of dealerships. This allows the dealership to focus on their core strengths – selling and servicing new, pre-owned and used cars.
The result is that outsourcing companies that provide and staff these services now have a need for detailers and technicians who are trained or can be trained in the art of detailing – namely – buffing, polishing, PDR (paintless dent repair), interior repair, odor removal, headlight restoration, and a host of other reconditioning (Recon) services.
The employment opportunities don’t stop there. As these companies become larger, they require the need of trainers, area operations management, sale people, marketing managers, regional management, accounting and finance and even IT – as many of these firms begin adopting technology for managing their businesses.
If you are looking for employment in the auto detailing field, joining a large growing firm may be your best step for training, advancement and career success.

How to Apply Online For Employment

If you're looking for the best work at home jobs, you better be prepared to wade through a ton of junk. Because this is the Internet, the information superhighway, you are going to get overwhelmed if you aren't already. An internet search for the words 'best work at home job' returns 79 million results. Everyone wants to work at home, and why wouldn't they. You get to work from where you feel comfortable; you can make your commute in your slippers. This article seeks to put aside some of the junk and reveal a good source of information. This is a review of the website Legit Online Jobs.

If you are looking for a legitimate work at home opportunity to use the internet to build a business, look no further than Legit Online Jobs. I recommend purchasing a membership on this website because in one place it brings together many different viable opportunities to make money online. Legit Online Jobs gives you all the information you need about every single aspect of the online business.

You might see this website advertised as a place to get a data entry job. This is not the case. What does is give you a database of the best work at home jobs that are available with advice and guidelines on how you can succeed with them. You can pick and choose which jobs seem best for you. The available companies range from the automotive industry all the way through health and fitness.

Legit Online Jobs focuses on two career paths. You have what most consider typical data entry type jobs such as online secretarial, writing emails, completing surveys, etc. This type of work can get you paid quickly. If you're looking for some part-time income, you can find something that will interest you here.

If you're looking for a better income producer, one that will give you the

to leave your current 9 to 5 job, you will also find it at this website. Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing have huge earnings potential. In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is the best work at home opportunity there is. As the title says, you are working in the marketing field. But the great part about this type of marketing and selling is that you are marketing someone else's product. You don't have to have your own product, you don't have to talk to people, you don't even have to have a website to make substantial money. And the best thing is, you don't even have to put out any money. Legit Online Jobs will show you how.

Remember that this is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to work hard at this in order to make money. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. These are legitimate work at home jobs or opportunities.

Don't get caught up in all the fluff. Use your common sense. If someone claims to have made a large amount of money in a short time, think about what they probably had to do to get it. Either something illegal (or very close to it) or they put out almost as much money to make all that money.

With the internet, email, cell phones that have internet and email access, many people now apply online for employment instead of beating down doors and wearing out shoe leather.
Since many unemployed and underemployed people do apply online for employment, I thought I might share some tips as a professional recruiter.
1) Make your email subject stand out! Do not just send an email with a blank subject line or a one word subject like “job”; be professional and act like the recipient is not just a drone. Your subject should read “Resume for CSR Position Attached” or “Looking for Instructions on How to Apply Online for Employment with your Firm”.
2) In the body of your message always address the receiver with a Dear Sir/Madam as that is the most professional way to address a complete stranger in the workforce via email.
3) If you are attaching your resume, explain that in the body of the message as well as tell the recipient what format you are using. Also, ask if the format is how they want to receive your resume.
4) If you hear nothing after a couple of days, send a follow up email with the subject “I’d like to apply online for employment”. In the body of the message explain that you sent the recipient an email a couple of days later and that you wanted to know their preferred method of online employment applications.
The main point you need to see here is that if you send a bland email with a bland subject, the odds of you getting an interview are much slimmer than if you send something that is professional, imaginative and shows respect to the recipient.
The point of the email to the human resource department is not to get hired, it is to get your resume in front of the person that does the actual weeding out of employable persons and if your email stands out, you have a much better chance of getting that resume read.
Take the above tips and use them to apply online for employment and your batting average will go up significantly!

Chicago Employment Agency

The New Year is now in full swing. Is a new job on your list of resolutions? Have you given any thought to your job search? What do you need to do to prepare for an effective job search? What type of position is on the next rung of your career ladder? Do you know what qualifications will be expected in most cases for the job?

First of all, you need to know exactly what you are looking for in a job. Next you will want to review the qualifications for the job and make a list of your own qualifications. Do you have what it takes? Most important, what have you accomplished for your present and past employers that will impress a potential new employer? Keep this list handy because it will be needed to write your resume if it isn't already up-to-date.

Here is a list of five aspects of job searching which need thorough review and planning in addition to an up-to-date resume before you take off from the starting line.

The Chicago Employment Agencies have the mission to provide diligent, cost effective staffing to the customers of Chicago. The customers are the Chicago employers who are the resource of employment for the city. The agencies are co-ordinate with the employers and manage the high productivity of human resources and make defect free workmanship in the city. They build long term partnerships with their customers providing on-site supervision and management for continually monitoring and improving the employee performance and process.
Chicago job seekers can either go to an employment agency or refer the wanted advertisements in the local papers. They can find online employment agencies serving exclusive for Chicago. Employment agencies make the most of the resource work for the employers. The job openings are advertised in websites and in local newspapers are done by the agencies. They conduct job fairs or Career fair to network for jobs and many other opportunities for career and job networking.
Chicago recruiting agencies have been helping Chicago job seekers connect with employers throughout the USA. They aim for more effective, reliable employment, affordable and recruiting resources, rather than then available job boards and newspaper classifieds. They help in the best possible way to provide information to the job looking candidates or an employee who wants to change jobs in Chicago. They are constantly striving to improve the technology and resources for recruiters as well as job seekers of Chicago.
The recruiting agencies in Chicago design job resources for the Chicago job seekers to help them find the most Chicago jobs they focus. Many job boards have thousands of jobs, but they need the help of agencies to liquefy the actually jobs in Chicago. Agents are in Chicago or nearby areas make every attempt to ensure the quality of job postings. Dozens of neighbor employers also search candidates from Chicago resume database every day. The agencies have been helping Chicago companies with faster, affordable and quality candidates. They try to offer the same technical advancements as the major job boards with local focus and cost effective.
Job seekers can opt for a job that takes advantage of future career. Searching the online resume database the candidate can receive huge openings. The agencies offer banner advertising and targeted email advertising campaigns, designed to help the candidates to know the hot jobs. Job boards offer recruiting and candidate screening services where the candidate can take participation.
KoreOne provides a wide range of employment opportunities and work hard to put candidates in the most favorable positions and the best assignments at client companies. In other words KoreOne strives to provide the best services from vacation / peak production employees to complete management and supervision of your office or production areas in Chicago.