Job Interviews: Answering “What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”

Your job search is one of the most significant tasks you'll ever have. What job you end up with determines how you'll spend the majority of hours in your day, how much money you'll have, and how satisfied you are with your life. It's worth making the effort to end up where you'll be happy. Whether you're currently employed or not, here's how to put everything you've got into your job search-and it will bring you great results, whether you're in laboratory sales, medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, or any other health care sales arena:

You need to be able to summarize what you are bringing to the table. Make it short and sweet, but compelling enough to capture the attention of your listener/reader. Not only can you use it at networking events or casual meetings, you can use it in place of a traditional objective statement, and you can use it in your LinkedIn profile.

You must tailor your resume for what's relevant to the jobs you're applying for. You shouldn't have to rewrite the whole thing...just tweak it according to the job description. Organize it so that it's clear and easy-to-read-bullet points and white space are fantastic things. Keep it down to 1-2 pages, and fill it with keywords that will get it noticed by computerized tracking systems as well as sales numbers and other performance statistics that show you've been able to make (or save) money for the company.

You MUST utilize social media in your job search. There's just no other way around it. Facebook and Twitter are also useful, but LinkedIn is the most important place to be for business networking. A great profile includes your job history, a business professional picture, and a summary of who you are and what you do.

Don't just create the profile. Participate. One of the things that makes LinkedIn so powerful is the connections you can make and the recommendations you can acquire. You make connections by joining groups (like Sales Cafe), participating in discussions, and getting introductions to people you need to know. Your recommendations say that other people think you're great, too, and give another perspective on your talents. But remember to give good recommendations to others as well. LinkedIn is also an amazing resource for information on companies, hiring managers, and industry trends-and you can contact hiring managers directly for jobs.

Your online reputation is the sum total of what an employer will find out about you when they Google your name. It's the comments you make on LinkedIn, Facebook, and blog articles. It's your Tweets. If you're really serious, seek out opportunities to guest post on blogs or write articles for online newsletters. Make sure that every time you say something online, that it's professional and relevant.

Get out there and meet people. Attend networking events and tradeshows. Keep up with your contacts with the occasional email (it's more personalized than a Tweet) and give them something: a bit of information, a job lead, a great website, or an article you found. You can absolutely let them know what's going on with you, and ask them to keep an eye out for job leads you'd be interested in. Most people are happy to help.

I don't think it's possible to over-prepare for a job interview. Research the company. Know what their issues and challenges are in the marketplace. Make an effort to dress properly and project friendliness and enthusiasm with your body language. Have stories ready that demonstrate how you've handled difficult situations or met a challenge. Practice your answers to interview questions, and seriously consider role-playing interview questions with a coach. If pro athletes use coaches to gain a few extra seconds that make the difference between first and second place, you should, too.

There's no better way to show how you'll be able to hit the ground running and contribute to the company than by creating a

. A well-written plan is divided into 3 parts: the first 30 days, you'll focus on training and settling in (the more specific you can be, the better); the 60-day part expands your duties (say, by getting to know all your accounts and orienting yourself); and the last 30 days (the 90-day part) is your plan for bringing in new business (which you'll know because you've researched and analyzed the company's position in the marketplace). This plan is impressive because it shows the hiring manager your drive, commitment, enthusiasm, and knowledge of what it takes to be successful.

Here's another sure-fire method to impress your interviewer. Be interested in the job. Asking questions in the interview shows that you can think strategically and it also gets you quite a bit of information you can use while answering questions and in your follow-up. It turns the interview into a conversation and highlights your confidence and appeal.

A great follow up plan can cover everything from providing great references to writing a substantial, timely thank you note. The best references are past managers or other high-level people, but they should all be willing to speak to the interviewer. Make sure you prep them for the call by giving them the information they need to speak intelligently about you. Thank you notes should be sent as quickly as possible (within 24 hours, so send it by email) and should refer back to what you discussed in the interview if you have something great to say, or it should add something new to the discussion. It's also a great opportunity to revise your 30/60/90-day plan based on what you talked about, and you can attach it to your thank you note.

Many interview guides advise candidates to answer the common “What’s your greatest weakness?” question with a positive trait disguised as a weakness. For example, “I tend to expect others to work as hard as I do,” or “I’m a perfectionist.”
Why? Because interviewers have heard these canned answers over and over again.
If you use one of them, it will likely backfire on you. Because the hiring manager will think:
You’re not being honest about your true weaknesses and are just regurgitating someone’s advice;
You feel that expecting others to work hard and striving for perfection (or whatever other disguised positive traits you use) are “weaknesses,” which makes you look ignorant, naïve and/or lazy;
You don’t know how to do an honest self-assessment;
Or you’re delusional and think you don’t have any real weaknesses!

Finding the Right SEO Provider for Your Needs

Most teens realize at a fairly young age the old adage that "money equals power." Money equals designer clothes, a car and insurance, and in many cases, a certain amount of freedom. And in order to get money, many teens get part-time jobs.

While the benefits and/or drawbacks of teens and part-time jobs have been researched, studied and debated since at least 1979, the teens, jobs and affects on schoolwork verdict is still out. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 50 percent of American teenagers hold informal jobs, such as babysitting or yard work, by age 12. And by age 15, nearly two-thirds of American teens have had some kind of employment. And many researchers, including those on government panels like the National Commission on Youth praise part-time work and say it contributes to the transition from youth to adulthood.

Parents and educators alike have, for decades, said that part-time jobs teach children how to be responsible and manage money. But Temple University researcher Laurence Steinberg found that only 11 percent of students report saving most of their money for college, and only three percent contribute to household living expenses. "The bulk of teen's money goes to clothing, cars, entertainment, and in some cases, drugs and alcohol," according to results of a study published in Harvard Education Letter in 1998.

Steinberg says, "Students who work longer hours report diminished engagement in schooling, lowered school performance, increased psychological distress, higher drug and alcohol use, higher rates of delinquency and greater autonomy from parental control." A 1997 study by David Stern, director of the National Research Center for Vocational Education at the University of California, Berkeley, proves Steinberg's viewpoint. In research conducted over 20 years, students who worked more than 15 hours per week had lower grades, did less homework, had higher dropout rates and were less likely to go to college than students who worked under 15 hours per week.

But Jerald Bachman at the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future Project, warns not to jump to cause and effect conclusions. "I would argue that most of the problems that correlate with working long hours are more fundamentally caused," he says. "That may contribute the to spiral, but I think the spiral is well underway at the time they elect to work the long hours."

Though the drawbacks to a busy, part-time job are many, so are the benefits. A teenager's job can teach work skills that school does not, and it can instill in the teen new confidence, sense of responsibility and independence. Earning money will enable your teen to buy things and to manage money. An after-school job can also provide adult supervision, especially if you work longer hours than those in a typical school day. And the right job may provide networking possibilities and set your child on a rewarding lifetime career path.

But before your child gets a job, there are some things you should know. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, "Minors under 14 years of age may not be employed or permitted to work in any occupation, except children employed on farms or in domestic service in private homes." Children under the age of 14 can also work on farms, be golf caddies, newspaper carriers or juvenile performers in the entertainment industry. But special permits may need to be required.

Also according to many state labor laws, teens aged 14 and 15 are not permitted to work more than four hours per day during the school year and not before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. (During the summer, the amount of hours of work per day can be increased to eight.) Children under the age of 16 are prohibited, by Pennsylvania law, for example, from working in bowling centers (unless as snack bar attendants, scorers or control desk clerks), building heavy work, highway work, anywhere liquor is sold or dispensed, manufacturing, on scaffolds or ladders and window cleaning.

For 16 and 17 year olds, the some state laws say, "minors are not to work before 6 a.m. or after midnight on school days and 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays." Also, not more than eight hours per day and 28 hours per school week. (During the summer, the only restrictions on 16 and 17 year olds, is that they can work no more than eight hours per day or 44 hours per week.) Young adults under the age of 18 are prohibited from working in billiard rooms; doing electrical work; operating elevators; performing crane and hoisting operations; excavating; operating machinery that does woodworking, bakery mixing, cleaning, oiling or punch pressing; roofing; welding; and doing demolition.

Your teen securing a job is a big step on the road to maturity. Be sure to discuss the pros and the cons with him or her. You may also want to agree to a job on a trial basis, such as "you can work x number of hours a week this grading period and then we will decide if you can keep working, based on your grades." Maintaining good grades, continuing extra curricular activities and keeping a social life will be important to your child's psychological health and development. Also, prepare a budget with your child, setting limits on spending and enforcing a percentage-of- paycheck-into-savings policy. Good money management skills, acquired when young, will last a lifetime. Part-time jobs can be a wonderful experience, with the right supervision and parental guidance.

You can’t randomly choose any SEO provider and hope it works out. You should be searching for a provider that can continually meet or exceed your needs. You need a provider you can trust to help your business get noticed and to continue to grow. Ideally, you want to create a long-term relationship with them from the ground up.
Take your time to locate the best SEO agency so you can feel confident with those efforts. You need to be able to rely on them to do their job efficiently. This will give you a chance to focus on what you need to for the business to be ready to go. Their efforts can drive more traffic and result in higher conversions. You need to be ready for the sales volume to increase.
Longevity speaks volumes when it comes to this type of business. This shows they are good at what they do and have happy customers. If they didn’t do an excellent job, there is no way they could have stayed in business after all that time.
Spend some time scheduling appointments where you can discuss what you need with them. The best SEO agency out there is going to listen to your needs and share with you what they can do. They will explore options and packages and they will strive to find something that fits into your budget. They will tell you about techniques and tools they can use to customise.
Don’t settle for a company offering you the same approach the take with everyone else. You don’t want to be lumped with other businesses. You want something that services as a driving force and gets your business noticed. It should take into consideration your business goals for now and the long term.
The best SEO agency out there continues to evolve. They embrace changes rather than being worried about it and fighting it. Technology continues to change, consumer needs move in new directions, and you have to be aware of what your competitors have in motion. Find a provider who can continually look at all of this and get you results.
They are willing to accept those challenges and they can thrive on finding solutions. Their efforts allow you to be in the role of leader for your industry. As a result, you continue to get recognised by new customers. At the same time, the loyalty from previous customers continues to grow. They are all confident your business offers what they need at that point in time.
Your business set up, size, and needs will change with time too. The best SEO agency isn’t going to lock you into one plan with them for the long term. Instead, they will allow you to have flexible terms in place. As your needs change, so can the services they offer to you. Evaluating what is working and what needs to be improved upon is very important.
Overall Value
Getting the best SEO agency out there for your needs shouldn’t break your budget. Look for a provider that has reasonable prices for what they can deliver. Evaluate their overall value too by looking at reviews from other customers. What have they done to show they consistently go the distance for their customers to help them get the best possible results?
Only work with a provider using white hat methods. You want your traffic to increase and you want your search engine rankings to go up. However, you want to always do this both ethically and legally. Otherwise, it can cause more harm than value for your business in the end. Find the best SEO agency offering you consistent value, opportunity, and effort.

Online Paid Surveys – Where Are the Finest Websites?

This person is a recruiter whose specialty is matching corporate clients with professionals who are highly skilled. A headhunter may work through an organization where every agent, or headhunter, specializes in a particular area of jobs and maybe even geographic areas. They can also be an independent contractor. A corporation can benefit using headhunting services in two different ways.

• It will eliminate the need for the company to place an want ad for an open position

• Addresses the listing of job seekers, most who will be unqualified for the open position for different reason

Being a headhunter, you would be looking for good candidates for the open position and providing the initial screening that will save the corporation time doing it themselves. For a headhunters services the company will pay them if they find the right applicant for the job. Typically, the fee is a percentage of the yearly initial salary of the employee who filled the open position. With this type of payment arrangements, it encourages a headhunter to build tight lasting associations with corporate company. The more successful a person is at filling these open positions the more likely the corporate company will seek them out for other job opening opportunities. From this type of association, both parties and the one that is seeking employment will benefit.

Fifty percent of their job is working for those people who are seeking employment and the other fifty percent is working for the corporate company that hired them. Anyone can contact the headhunting service who is looking job openings matching their skills. Usually they will submit a resume and then required to have an interview in person or over the phone. During the verbal interview, the headhunter will be able to get a sense for the needs, skills, and personality of the job seeker. This may include things like their willingness to work extended hours, to travel, or to relocate.

In some instances, the job seeker, when hired, will pay the headhunter's fee instead of the corporate company. Before you choose to work with a headhunting service to find jobs clarify who is going to pay for their services so there will be no surprises. A headhunter can give the job seeker a list of employment opportunities that they may have missed if they had not utilized their services. By using a headhunting service and having the verbal interview the headhunter can let the corporate company know if they think the applicant would fit the job opening. In addition, when having the initial interview with a prospective employer it is not a "cold interview" because the employer already knows about the job seeker and knows that they would be a good match for the open position.

If you are reading this article right now, I know you want to know how to properly look for the most excellent survey websites. This is really a common problem, isn’t it? Here’s an effective solution if you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet. You need not exert great effort in this method as it is pretty easy to perform.
Before anything else, I just would like to share a fact. Did you know that only 5% are aware of the proper way to find the finest survey websites while the remaining 95% are searching wrongly? What the latter are using are the search engines, thus, they are only able to encounter the low paying survey websites. They are totally on the wrong track because these engines don’t give out decent results. But don’t worry as you still have the chance to change your path. You can still find the surveys that can provide you the best.
Here’s what you have been waiting for. The best way to look for the finest survey websites is through big forums. Take note that the bigger the forum, the better. These forums are not just any forum as you will be able to get hold of truthful survey facts. Loads of them are contained in these large forums and there is no room for spams. Also, these forums have a great reputation to uphold that is why they are very strict with spam posts. Once discovered, they would not waste any time to delete it. One more thing that is great about these forums is that they have hundreds of paid survey topics posted and they are contained in the archive section of the site. Now, there’s no stopping you from encountering the finest survey websites.
The next thing that you can easily do is to go over the topics that you find interesting. Take time to read them as you will find out various experiences of the forum posters with the paid survey industry. They would not think twice in sharing the best survey websites that paid them well as well as those that gave them a headache. Don’t worry about losing any money as these paid survey info are all free.
Stop struggling and get hold of the finest survey websites effortlessly.

Coping With Rejection During Your Job Search

Each semester millions of people attend classes at a local or online college. All students know that textbooks, lectures, and projects will become part of their daily lives. Most wonder what they can do to be as successful as possible in their courses and make the road to a degree as easy as possible. The following are a few recommendations to help any student do well:

Before you enter the classroom know what you are going to have to do to achieve your best in that class. Understand where your strengths are and find help for your weakest areas.

. Are you a visual learner? Do you have to physically write-down notes or are you okay with typing them or, perhaps, just listening to the lecture?

. Use the study methods that are best suited for you. Give yourself adequate time to review material. Do not form a study group with anyone if the time will not be used productively.

. All campuses have some form of academic help. Utilize tutors, libraries, databases, organizations, and professors' office hours when you need them.

Preparation is an element of success in almost anything. College is no different. Just showing up to class is not enough.

With everything there is to get done, it can be hard to remember when things are due. Create a calendar to stay on top of due dates and make sure that you are managing your time wisely.

Oftentimes, projects and assignments will require more time than initially expected; completing the work as soon as possible allows you to dedicate the appropriate time to the task and do a better job.

Focus foremost on the information you are certain will be on the test (or quiz). From there, concentrate on important topics/main points and items of discussion highlighted in class lectures.

While most of the text is similar to lectures, reading the book ahead of class will allow you to follow the discussion more easily and understand what is going on.

No one ever attended college because they thought it would be easy. You have to study many hours and collaborate on group work to have a successful college career.

If you do not understand something, ask the professor or peers, most are more than willing to help.

Avoid the temptation to 'just take a zero' for one or two small assignments. You don't want to be kicking yourself at the end of the semester because you are.01 away from a higher letter grade (or even passing the class), which could have been locked-in with that one extra grade.

The professor isn't there to lecture for no reason. What they have to say will help to understand and reinforce the material, which will show when it comes to exam time.

. If your grade is wavering, just as with skipping assignments, those extra points can 'make or break you' at the end of the semester. It would be rough retaking a class knowing there was something you could have done to pass it the first time around.

Every class is run a little bit differently. Be aware of what the professor expects from you and how work is to be presented. Each class may require different study methods or time dedication. Identify these differences and tailor your habits to match.

By utilizing these recommendations, college students will find they have better success at achieving the expectations they set for themselves in regard to their coursework.

Job hunters who fear rejection are not alone. While nobody likes dealing with rejection, coping with rejection during your job search is no big deal when you understand having to deal with rejection comes with the territory for job hunters.
After all, your chances getting a job offer or winning an audition the first time out are practically nil. So you will conduct your job campaign with less stress by knowing there will be more situations where you do not get the job.
Being turned down for a job is never easy. Job hunters cannot avoid it. But you can avoid taking rejection personally by looking at rejection from a different point of view. With each rebuff, you’re coming closer to being offered a job.
That’s because you become a better job candidate in the job search process by learning more about yourself and the job marketplace. This lets you present more effectively at your next job interview.
1. Get used to the idea of being rejected by understanding there’s more rejection than acceptance during any search.
2. Think of interviews as auditions. Actors spend entire careers auditioning just to land one role. All you need to do is audition for and find one job.
3. Reduce rejection sensitivity by knowing that being turned down for a job doesn’t mean you have failed as a person. It means your presentation might have failed, or there was a legitimate reason you weren’t hired. Perhaps the company hired internally or picked a candidate better qualified for the job.
4. Debrief yourself after each interview. Reflect on things you did well and continue to build on them. Determine what you could have improved. And ask yourself if you demonstrated how you met the criteria for the job. Your next interviews will go a whole lot smoother because of this debrief.
5. Write the word ‘no” on a piece of paper until you’ve used it all up. Write “yes’ as the last word in the lower right hand corner. Every time you get a no, circle it and be grateful. You’re getting closer to a “yes.”
6. Transform negative feelings that have been generated with your being turned down for a job, with this magic formula —
This stands for “some will, some won’t, so what — Next! Your job hunt is a numbers game. The more interviews you have the sooner you’ll get an offer. Negative feelings resulting from being turned down do not last long when you get busy and plan your next interviews.

3 Jobs You Must Have in Order to Get a 7-Figure Income

Are you searching for no cost, work at home opportunities? Believe it or not, these opportunities definitely exist and can make you a fortune! There are actually opportunities out there that can literally make you a fortune for low or no cost.

We are going to go over some of these opportunities that can have you seeing that dream online income!

- There are free paid survey opportunities out there. All you have to do is make sure you find the right website that will give you legitimate opportunity. That means going to the right survey websites, etc. Many people believe that paid surveys that are free can not be scams, but this is far from true.

There are even free paid survey sites, that come off as professional but only meant to waste your time, and spam your e-mail inbox with spam mail and advertisements.

- Freelance opportunities are some of the best opportunities on the internet. Whether you have programming skills, writing skills, marketing, or any other skill under the sun, you can ultimately ensure that you can utilize people searching for your talents and capitalize on them!

- Legit online jobs is a program that is designed to earn you a great deal of money. You'll ultimately have the ability to save tons of cash by buying scams which makes it worth it alone. Legit online jobs is simply a program that is designed to connect you with other product vendors and companies and give direct connections to them. You will simply put up advertisements for the company and earn commissions. All this money is made on autopilot.

With in the next several minutes I will make you a millionaire! Impossible! To Good to be true! Scam! Gimmick! After I introduce you to these three Job titles you will be convinced!
* Preparation Opportunist
* Change Technician
* You INC!
These 3 job titles are all your need. Now where most people fail is that they do not employ these job titles on a daily basis so they come up short. Yes these are habits that you must allow to permeate through you in if you want to become a millionaire in the next several seconds. Keep reading!
Preparation Opportunist:
Sounds like a job you can put on your resume doesn’t?
So say If I give you one million dollars right now what will you do with it? Cars , house, bills? To large of a sum 50k What would you do with it? This is why lottery winners fail or people who fall into lump sums of money.They are not prepared to handle this great opportunity. They are more interested in purchasing depreciating assets and frivolous expenses as oppose to appreciating assets and comfortable luxuries. How would a Preparation Opportunist answer the same question? Hmm real estate is still depreciating , stocks are down “Green” That’s it go green because its hot right not especially with all the government subsidy money to be had. I would invest 500k in my own green company that sales solar panels. Oh that other 500k a franchise that can work without me being there. Why a franchise and not my own because all the hard work has been done for me. Being aware of whats going on and looking for advantages in the market would allow me to put that money to great use. Simply put Preparation Opportunist purchases assets that appreciate.
Change Technician:
Does it bother you when your boss says we will be learning a new system? Do you frequently use the saying that’s not how we use to do it.? Do you agree with the record companies are spending there energy in the right places towards digital music? Finally when situations arrive do you find yourself rigid and unwilling to comprise. If you answered no to all four questions than you have the ability to become a Change Technician. Most people hate change only because we are habit forming people. We love a routine if we stray away from that routine than we feel out of sink. In the business world if you do not adopt to change you lose your shirt like music stores across the country. I read where a music store company was down to its last store and instead of closing the store for good created another music business buying and selling hard to find music. Now the Boss of that company is a Change Technician. Once you become a millionaire or begin your path to being a millionaire you must become a Change Technician you do this by not only staying current in your industry but also being aware of what is going on in other industry’s that can potentially affect you at some point.
You Inc!
That’s right Millionaire brand themselves. The reason is job locality is all, but diminished. So now its time to enter the 21st century and instead of being loyal to some company that will drop you if their numbers are driving towards the red You should rather brand yourself. Stars are the best example of branding themselves on a large grandiose scale but you to can brand yourself just like them but on a smaller scale. The steps to brand oneself.
Step 1: Set a goal to reach the top of your profession
Step 2: Always be on time it show hard work and people being to respect you as person you cares about time.
Step 3: Give a 100%. Live by the phrase someone is always watching
Millionaires use these three steps to brand themselves everyday and so should you.
These jobs can be held by everyone in fact 1 out 0f 125 Americans work these jobs everyday.
If your not 1 out of 125 yet in order to hire yourself the only qualification is the willingness to be a Millionaire in the profession/industry you love. Now once you make this decision , you have created in essence your definitive purpose which in turn will make you a millionaire in your mind instantly and on paper down the road. you see I told you I’ll make you a millionaire.

Successful Job Search Strategies

Did you know that Web sites get mystery shopped? I talked with Tema Frank, president of Web Mystery Shoppers to learn more about how online mystery shopping works.

Web Mystery Shoppers looks for some of the same shopper qualities as other mystery shopping companies. Of course, shoppers have to be reliable and complete assignments by the deadline. They want people who have a critical eye and who can express themselves in writing.

Tema Frank says, "We need people of all backgrounds, all ages, all levels of computer experience." In fact, they are actively looking for relatively new Internet users. More experienced computer users are able to "work around" problems that might stop less-experienced customers from buying.

As with other mystery shopping jobs, you should not expect a steady income from online mystery shopping. Payment is typically made by check within two or three weeks. Overseas shoppers who do not want to receive a check in U.S. or Canadian dollars are sometimes paid via other means, such as gift certificates.

After you apply, you will be asked to complete an unpaid training assignment. According to Tema, "We give you a scenario and send you to the Web site. You alternate between two screens-the client Web site and the questions. As you go through the site you fill out a questionnaire answering questions about what you are experiencing, how what you are getting differs from what you expected, and whether you would still be on the site if you weren't being paid to be there."

The scenario might be something such as looking for a gift for your mother or your 10-year-old nephew, selecting items for your home, or other typical customer situations. A "budget" will also be specified, such as, "You are shopping for a gift for your 10-year-old nephew. Your budget, including shipping and taxes, is $25." You will not actually purchase the item, but that is what you are to shop for.

The training assignment is shorter than a paid assignment. Expect to spend 30 to 40 minutes on the training assignment, and about an hour on a paid assignment. Paid assignments may include testing the site's search function and evaluating customer service by sending an email inquiry or making a telephone call.

Online shops typically do not require that the shopper actually complete a purchase. If entry of a credit card number is required, the client may provide a dummy number so that the shopper does not have to use his or her own credit card.

Although most mystery shopping companies edit shopper reports to eliminate spelling and grammar errors, Web Mystery Shoppers does not. They learned early on that there can be value in errors such as misspellings. In reports for a banking client, many shoppers spelled "mortgages" as "morgages." This showed the client that they needed to optimize for the spelling error, so that people who search for information on "morgages" would find their site.

Web Mystery Shoppers clients include banks, retail, florists, travel, B2B, non-profit, and government agencies. According to Tema, "The usual clients I have are typically not the same ones that hire the store-based mystery shoppers."

So what does Tema Frank see as the future direction of mystery shopping? She anticipates that companies will want "360 degree mystery shopping, shopping all channels through which the company operates" to make sure that the customer experience is consistent whether the customer is dealing with a brick and mortar store, Web site, catalog, call center, or other outlet.

If you are searching for a job it is very helpful to create a job search strategy. Yes, looking for a new position can be overwhelming. However if you have a strategy in place you will have a clear road map to follow. This road map will help you define where you should spend your time and also how much time you should allot to the different tasks necessary to find a position.
Below are tips on tasks that should be part of a successful job search strategy. This practical advice is derived from my own experience as a 20 year veteran recruiter, success stories shared with me from human resource professionals and other job seekers.
If you are unemployed, you should dedicate Monday through Friday from 8-5 to finding a new job. That is 40 hours a week that you can now dedicate to finding the best match between your skills and professional desires with that of a new position.
For a successful job search you need to spend time each day on networking, researching companies, following-up on leads, new recruiter contacts, new corporate employer contacts, follow-up with recruiters and corporate contacts, sending out resumes and cover letters, time for interviews, interview coaching and motivation. These job search tasks have proven to yield results. Maybe not today or tomorrow but certainly over time you will see results in a successful job search strategy.
Here is a good example of a road map to a successful job searching strategy:
8-10 – spend time networking with friends, past colleagues, alumni etc. (minimum of 10 calls / 10 emails / 10 thank you notes)
10-12 – research a minimum of 10 new companies in an industry that you have experience or interest
12-12:30 – break
12:30-2:00 – contact new recruiters and new corporate employers ( minimum of 10 each)
2:00-3:30 – send out resumes and cover letters
3:30-4:30 – read a motivational, self help or inspirational book, or schedule time with a career coach
4:30-5 – plan your time for tomorrow. Journal
Obviously everyday will be different as you will also spend much of your time interviewing and preparing for interviews. Still, you need a plan, a job search strategy, for the days you aren’t interviewing or preparing for interviews. If you will allocate your time to following the tasks in your job search strategy, you will find a position.
Another great tip is to create a job search strategy journal. Journal at the end of every day what worked the best today, any encouragement you received, new leads on companies, specific individuals or companies that you will follow up with sometime in the future, new advice or strategy you learned from today that you would like to implement tomorrow.

What The Appointment Of Jess Sessions Might Mean For Corporate Criminal Law

Is it risky to submit a resume to someone you know from someone that you do not know. Duh! Of course that is risky, but it does not mean that the candidate is not viable. No, it just means that the person asked to submit is not sure. However, there are things the job seeker can do to overcome the hesitancy.

LinkedIn is not the best for what is essentially a blind response to a job posting. You talk about having someone present your resume and you do not know the person. Another perspective is asking someone you do not know to present your resume; how do you know what the relationship is between that person and your target. It can be just as risky.

In fact you should read my ezine article on

for more insights on questions to ask if you are requesting a referral, asked to give a referral, or are the target of a referral.

Here are things the job seeker should be doing to establish credibility, reliability, and trust.

LinkedIn only works for those who work at it! You must be comprehensive and proactive.

One of the biggest reasons people feared a Trump administration is because, being a businessman himself, some Americans worry that he will give special favors to corporations. Since the Attorney General is responsible for prosecuting corporate crimes, many are wondering how Jess Sessions’ appointment might affect corporate prosecutions in the future. Many civil liberties and civil rights groups are in direct opposition to a Sessions’ appointment for significant reasons.
Flashback to when George W. Bush nominated John Ashcroft: many worried that Ashcroft would be more lenient on corporate indiscretions and crime, but that didn’t happen. In fact, he was responsible for one of the highest number of criminal prosecutions in history. With Ashcroft in charge during such scandals as Worldcom, Enron and watching the dot-com burst, the Department of Justice indicted many high-profile offenders during the George W. Bush Administration. Big corporate heads like Arthur Andersen went bust, thanks to Ashcroft’s diligence.
So, should corporate America be happy or not about Sessions’ appointment? Many who know his record believe that they should expect the same from Sessions as they did from Ashcroft — swift and severe punishment for crimes. The Department of Justice consists of very few politicians. It is made almost wholly from career prosecutors, which is unlikely to change. So, although Sessions will have some effect, it is likely to be limited.
Sessions is probably going to enhance the Department of Justice’s enforcement of immigration laws, which means that corporations may face stiffer and harsher punishments when they decide to employ undocumented help. Senator Sessions also has a good record when it comes to white-collar crimes. He has consistently favored a more aggressive approach to enforcing the law. So civil liberties organizations should have their fears calmed, but corporate America may have to be on their toes.
Sessions worked for the Department of Justice for 14 years as an Assistant US Attorney in Alabama, and 12 years as a US Attorney. It is hard to tell from his experience if he will be tough on corporate crime, because very few corporations resided in his district.
He is slated as taking a major role in the Savings and Loan fraud prosecution, however, which occurred when he was a US Attorney. His handling of the situation proved that he took criminal law seriously, regardless of whether it was white-collar crime or not. “A crime is a crime,” in Sessions’ own words.
When BP had the oil spill, Sessions is on record as stating that they should be held liable for what was their responsibility. He went on to say that there is no such thing as being too big to fail. That means that he is unlikely to be swayed by the economic impact that the fall of a corporation could have in relation to their criminal activity prosecution. Crime needs to be punished when it is committed, no matter who the defendant is or what type of influence they have.
Sessions believes the whole notion of “too big to fail” is fundamentally dangerous. If the courts prosecute according to shareholders and stakes, then there is no honesty or realism in criminal law. If a corporation is defrauding people, then they are hurting everyone.
He is also not in favor of allowing boards or any
to mitigate the details of any case, nor does he believe corporations should be allowed to handle an investigation alone without the intervention of the Justice Department. Sessions has publicly stated several times that there is no such thing as privilege when it comes to corporate crimes.
Although many on the left are concerned that Sessions is too conservative to become the District Attorney for a Trump administration, they are overlooking his statements and his conduct when it comes to criminal law and corporate crime. With the public statement that a crime is a crime regardless of who perpetrates it, Sessions’ appointment is likely to come down hard on corporate crime, not afford it leniency.
The ones who should probably fear an appointment are those in the corporate world who are guilty of wrongdoing. Shown to be fair-minded and not ascribe to any notions of privilege, Sessions has a record of being tough on crime, even corporate criminals.

Social Security Numbers For Online Job Applications

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As a Consultant I am constantly looking for my next contract assignment. Almost all of my job applications are filled out online. On rare occasion I will be asked for my social security number. If a company asks me to provide them with my SS number in order to apply for a job I question whether I want to work for that organization. As a Human Resource professional I am aware that the social security number is required to conduct a background check however no background check should be run until both parties show mutual interest with a strong possibility of a job offer being imminent.
Today I applied for a job with a health care organization in St. Louis, MO and they asked for my social security number when I filled out their online application. I entered: 000-00-0000 but the system wouldn’t accept it. The system required that I enter a valid number so I tried 000-00-1111 but it wouldn’t accept that number either. There is no reason this company should have that information up front. I will not entrust my SS number with total strangers online. What if their site is hacked? What if they run my background check without my knowledge?
I did a little research and discovered that back in the 1960’s Woolworth’s used to have social security #’s on their wallet inserts. The number they used was 078-05-1120 as a result the Social Security Administration has voided this number. Try using this number 078-05-1120 if they system will not accept your entry of 999-99-9999 or 000-00-0000. I highly recommend not providing your social security number or date of birth on any online job application.
If the Health Care organization in St. Louis, MO ends up hiring me I will recommend that they revise their online application process. As a Recruiter I would have a very difficult time persuading any future candidates to go through the online application process that requires them to include their social security number.

Chicago Employment Agency

The New Year is now in full swing. Is a new job on your list of resolutions? Have you given any thought to your job search? What do you need to do to prepare for an effective job search? What type of position is on the next rung of your career ladder? Do you know what qualifications will be expected in most cases for the job?

First of all, you need to know exactly what you are looking for in a job. Next you will want to review the qualifications for the job and make a list of your own qualifications. Do you have what it takes? Most important, what have you accomplished for your present and past employers that will impress a potential new employer? Keep this list handy because it will be needed to write your resume if it isn't already up-to-date.

Here is a list of five aspects of job searching which need thorough review and planning in addition to an up-to-date resume before you take off from the starting line.

The Chicago Employment Agencies have the mission to provide diligent, cost effective staffing to the customers of Chicago. The customers are the Chicago employers who are the resource of employment for the city. The agencies are co-ordinate with the employers and manage the high productivity of human resources and make defect free workmanship in the city. They build long term partnerships with their customers providing on-site supervision and management for continually monitoring and improving the employee performance and process.
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How to Apply Online For Employment

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Remember that this is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to work hard at this in order to make money. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. These are legitimate work at home jobs or opportunities.

Don't get caught up in all the fluff. Use your common sense. If someone claims to have made a large amount of money in a short time, think about what they probably had to do to get it. Either something illegal (or very close to it) or they put out almost as much money to make all that money.

With the internet, email, cell phones that have internet and email access, many people now apply online for employment instead of beating down doors and wearing out shoe leather.
Since many unemployed and underemployed people do apply online for employment, I thought I might share some tips as a professional recruiter.
1) Make your email subject stand out! Do not just send an email with a blank subject line or a one word subject like “job”; be professional and act like the recipient is not just a drone. Your subject should read “Resume for CSR Position Attached” or “Looking for Instructions on How to Apply Online for Employment with your Firm”.
2) In the body of your message always address the receiver with a Dear Sir/Madam as that is the most professional way to address a complete stranger in the workforce via email.
3) If you are attaching your resume, explain that in the body of the message as well as tell the recipient what format you are using. Also, ask if the format is how they want to receive your resume.
4) If you hear nothing after a couple of days, send a follow up email with the subject “I’d like to apply online for employment”. In the body of the message explain that you sent the recipient an email a couple of days later and that you wanted to know their preferred method of online employment applications.
The main point you need to see here is that if you send a bland email with a bland subject, the odds of you getting an interview are much slimmer than if you send something that is professional, imaginative and shows respect to the recipient.
The point of the email to the human resource department is not to get hired, it is to get your resume in front of the person that does the actual weeding out of employable persons and if your email stands out, you have a much better chance of getting that resume read.
Take the above tips and use them to apply online for employment and your batting average will go up significantly!